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Redemption Assemblies of God

Redemption Assemblies of God Church, Suame, has risen from its small and humble beginning, by God's grace and faithfulness, to reach its present glorious Christian limelight.

It all began as evening prayer meetings of about twelve (12) members of Central Assemblies of God Church (Lighthouse) who stayed at Suame. These meetings were organized and led by Brother Raphael Oppong at Suame Methodist Primary School.

Rev. Nicholas Opuni, the Head Pastor of the Central Assemblies of God Church at Akwatia Line, took a keen interest in establishing this Church by organizing a major crusade with a flame For Christ Evangelistic Ministry led by Evangelist Nuamah Kankam and Rev. Akwasi Appiah. This Crusade brought about thirty-four (34) souls to the Church. Additionally, other crusades organized by Resurrection Power Evangelistic Ministries led by Evangelist Francis Amoako also added a number of converts to the church.

Then on Sunday, 16th March, 1980, the Church formally met in the morning and Rev. Nicholas Opuni appointed a five-member committee to manage the Church. The membership was as follows:

  1. Rev. (Rtd) Raphael Oppong - Chairman
  2. Brother Alex Opoku - Secretary
  3. Brother Robert Ossei (Deceased) - Purchasing Officer
  4. Brother Daniel Asare (Deceased) - Maintenance Officer
  5. Mrs. Agnes Ossei - Treasurer/Financial Secretary

A student-pastor, by name Brother Moore pastored the church for about four (4) weeks and went back to continue his pastoral training leaving Brother Raphael Oppong as the one in charge of the Church with supervision coming from the Central Assemblies of God church.

There were other outreach programs embarked upon and by the end of May 1980, the membership of the church had reached a total of one hundred and twenty (120).

However, in August 1980, a severe rainstorm ripped off part of the roofing of the school building where the Church was worshipping. This affected the attendance of the church so the committee immediately met and re-roofed the building with some assistance from the Central Assemblies of God Church. After the re-roofing, the church extended electricity to the school making evening worship very attractive and thus enhancing the church attendance and growth. The school was most grateful to the Church.

Then, on 23rd November 1980, Rev. Nicholas Opuni introduced Brother Alexander Darko, who was then a student pastor, and appointed him to pastor the Church. Sister Grace Fosu who is now Rev. Mrs. Grace

Duncan Nuako was also assigned to organize the Women's Fellowship which later became the Women's Ministry. These two appointees were from the Central Assemblies of God Church at Akwatia-Line.

Pastor Alex Darko finally completed Bible School in 1982 and took full-time pastoral duties of the Church. Together with the Church Board, they relentlessly sought a plot of land to build their own worship center. Eventually, a plot of land was acquired in 1986 so the Church put up a temporary structure and finally left the Suame Methodist Primary School to our present site in 1987.

The church progressed steadily through crusades and personal evangelism until tragedy struck on 9th June 1999. The grand two-storey building we were constructing with communal labour collapsed crashing to death one of our sisters. This horrendous experience was so traumatic that it had a serious setback on the church. We put ourselves together again and started worshipping in a make-shift trusses structure provided by Rev. David Vesper and his wife, Mrs. Ann Vesper. And by the grace and faithfulness of God, we really did survive refreshingly.

However, early in the year 2000, Rev. Alexander Darko was transferred to the Assemblies of God Church at Konongo. He left behind a church that had a huge human capacity for expansion and deeply rooted in Christian living and discipleship. It was a church knit together as one big family desirous to worship and serve the living God in unison.

Accordingly, Rev. Patrick Agyeman Gyebi was appointed as the new pastor for Redemption Assemblies of God Church on 6th February 2000. On assumption of duty, he embarked on massive infrastructural development. And the church edifice, as it stands presently, indeed celebrates the faithfulness of God to His people. The attached modern lavatory facilities and the Youth Ministry block is a masterpiece of a project for future grand development.

The church has moved from glory to glory considerably and we conduct English and Twi services every Sunday. Presently, the regular population stands at one thousand and five hundred (1,500) members. This comprises an adult population of one thousand and forty-seven (1047) with the rest made up of youth and children.

There are five (5) buses that enhance our traveling services to church activities and programs effectively. Of late a spacious car park is under development to accommodate the fleet of cars the congregation has acquired by the grace of God. The church has also purchased about two (2) acres plot of land at Suame Magazine area which has been earmarked for future development. Furthermore, to make a deeper impact on the community we have established Redemption International School with a population of about three hundred and fifty (350) pupils. This school consists of Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior High Departments.

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